Monday, 8 July 2019


On another occasion Krishna was meeting with Shrimati Radharani in the forest close to Yavat. And Kutila and Jatila told Abhimanyu, “We have heard that Krishna is in the forest with your wife Shrimati Radharani. You think that She is very chaste but this is what we have been told. You should go immediately and see for yourself.” So he came running into the forest and Shrimati Radharani saw that he was coming and She became very much afraid. Where were they going to go? Krishna said “Do not worry I will protect You. You just stand as You are standing.” She was in the middle of offering something to Krishna. He said “You just stay just as You are.” So then Shrimati Radharani saw Abhimanyu coming, he came right in front of them, he looked at them. Then he offered his prostrated obeisances. Shrimati Radharani turned around and She saw that Krishna had assumed the form of Goddess “Kali”. So Abhimanyu was thinking that Radharani is worshipping a deity of “Kali” to help Her to better please Her husband and he was very happy. So at this place in Yavat, there is a small temple of Kali and the deity is called Kali-Krishna in rememberance of this pastime. In this way the excitement in the meetings and separation of Radha and Krishna would increase millions of times in the Parakiya Rasa. Radhanath Swami explains that Jatila and Kutila are actually very dear to Krishna for creating such a stage for orchestrating exciting pastimes for Him.